What Are the Specifications for Lead Matching Participation?

To be able to take part in Lead Matching and collect interested leads in your mail, get BDA Verified and join as a Sponsor or Premium vendor. To be a part of the lead matching process

Become a Sponsor

For a premium profile, you’ll have full rights to preferential customer care, feedback screening, and BDA checking.

A sponsorship can improve your exposure on a directory of your choosing, as well as provide you with all of the advantages of a premium profile.

Gather feedback

Kindly have customer references. Then we’ll call them and request feedback. They can either arrange a Zoom interview or leave an online review.

BDA is a platform that verifies the authenticity of a service provider or a software. We check your business to see if it meets the following criteria:

  • Is operational and properly licensed
  • Passes a full examination
  • Passes a credit check as well as a legal documents review
  • Has a new and constructive BDA customer feedback

Potential customers should use BDA authentication to test and recruit the company because it adds another dimension of knowledge and confidence.

Make a call to be included in the lead matching process.

Connect with a BDA representative to see if the Lead Matching service or other paid functionality is suitable for your business.

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