How Does My Business Classify and Improve Our BDA Account’s Service Lines?

Limit yourself to 5–6 branch lines by specifying the key services you have.

Service lines decide which Directory Pages your business can feature on and assist customers in finding your business.

Please follow these steps to improve the service lines in your profile:

  • Choose a total of six and a minimal of one or two service lines to appear on your profile.
  • Be certain that no one service line receives more than 70% of your profile’s attention. In your service lines of emphasis, avoid using the term “that.”
  • Consumers will see which facilities the company focuses in by looking at the service lines.

We understand that your organization can have experience and provide services in a variety of areas and abilities, but we urge you to emphasize the services in which you excel.

Your service lines also influence where you appear on BDA Directory Pages and Leaders Equations, which are dependent on the services you provide and where you are located.

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